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By combining textile know-how with electronic and mechanical skills, Eweave offers smart textile innovations that are unique in the world. From ready-to-use solutions to support in integrating smart textiles into existing applications, our field of expertise is complete and unlimited.

detection, captation, lighting, conductivity, print, 3D, inflatable,...

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How do you detect a hidden water leak?

Moisture, mould, puddles on the ceiling, water droplets, peeling cladding - when the first signs of a water leak appear, it's already too late. Before it causes too much damage, it's important to detect it and take action as quickly as possible. What tools should you use? - Here are some answers.

Intelligent, sustainable water management thanks to the IOT

Based on an innovative technology, We have been offering a smart textile solution since 2022, designed to check the watertightness of hydraulic structures, buildings, bridges, water networks, roofs, etc.

Our IOT platform for managing our solutions !

Designed as a "control tower", our platform enables you to control all your installations by linking systems, their data and the management interface in real time.