Our IOT platform for managing our solutions !


We’ve been telling you about Eweave solutions for some time now: linear detection of water leaks, cuts, pressure or impact, water levels, etc. They consist of a smart linear textile sensor that enables detection, a textile connector for signal processing and a control interface called MyEweave, a platform for remote monitoring and control of installations 24/7.

What is MyEweave?

Designed as a “control tower” MyEweave allows you to manage all your installations by linking systems, their data and the management interface in real time.

Via a web application, your Eweave systems (whatever your type of detection) can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You then have access to a number of functions:

  • Monitoring the communication status of each piece of equipment to detect abnormal behaviour, which may indicate a problem with the network (loss of coverage, operator failure), hardware (power supply problem) or software (bug, incorrect configuration), etc…
  • Real-time detection, escalation and alerting of installation detections (water leaks with location, power cuts, voltage variations, etc.) ;
  • Detailed diagnosis of system status, plus the ability to remotely take control of equipment to help explain and correct abnormal behaviour ;
  • Monitor battery levels for autonomous IoTs (Internet of Things) and plan on-site battery replacement and/or recharging operations ;
  • Registration of new equipment added to the existing fleet, and decommissioning of active equipment ;
  • Carrying out software update campaigns for objects, in particular to introduce new function ;
  • Monitoring data consumption / network resources of the object park to optimise subscriptions to network operators;


If an incident is detected, MyEweave enables you to receive alerts in real time by text message, e-mail and/or telephone call

What’s more, the MyEweave interface works on PC/TabletPC/Smartphone


A customisable interface

MyEweave is ultra-modular and can be configured to suit your needs. Created to measure, this IOT platform can be customised for each company in accordance with the desired graphic charters. It’s a way of turning our Eweave solutions into our customers’ Eweave products.