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How do you detect a hidden water leak?

Moisture, mould, puddles on the ceiling, water droplets, peeling cladding - when the first signs of a water leak appear, it's already too late. Before it causes too much damage, it's important to detect it and take action as quickly as possible. What tools should you use? - Here are some answers.

Intelligent, sustainable water management thanks to the IOT

Based on an innovative technology, We have been offering a smart textile solution since 2022, designed to check the watertightness of hydraulic structures, buildings, bridges, water networks, roofs, etc.

Our IOT platform for managing our solutions !

Designed as a "control tower", our platform enables you to control all your installations by linking systems, their data and the management interface in real time.

Lighting solutions and ambient lighting

Our lighting solutions and ambient lighting: a key element in interior design and architecture

Optimise your industrial productivity with effective signage

Optimise your industrial productivity with effective signage lighting Eweave "lighting" solution

Smart textiles

Intelligent textiles, also known as technical textiles or advanced fabrics, are textile products (often used in clothing) that incorporate advanced functionalities thanks to the integration of sensors, actuators or intelligent fibres.

Clara Daguin, our partnership presents her new collection

Clara Daguin presented her new Spring/Summer 2024 collection in Paris on Saturday, January 27, 2024: Starlink, composed of pieces made from Satab luminous ribbons from the "lighting" range.

Interview with the team : Delphine.

Discover how we are revolutionizing smart textiles with innovative sensing, switching, and lighting functions. In an exclusive interview, textile and yarn innovation responsale, Delphine Vialleton discusses the advancements and promising future of this multi-sector innovation.

Airbag technology : the ideal safety solution

Over the years, airbag technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in providing protection and safety for its users.