Interview with the team : Delphine.

In 2022, Satab launched the Eweave Solution brand, a pioneer in deploying smart textile solutions through innovation support for companies and three core functions :

  • Sensing functions enabling the detection and geo-location of water leaks, cuts, supports or shocks, and water level.
  • Embedded functions transforming the ribbon into an ON/OFF switch, enabling data transfer, and electrical conductivity.
  • “Lighting” functions that transform the textile into lighting.

These infinitely interconnectable solutions with the outside world make this innovation unique globally with an incomparable multisectoral dimension.

Narrow textile, the core of Satab’s business, changes its intrinsic value to become a connected linear sensor, electrical conductor, or lighting… A characteristic apprehended since the launch of the project by internal teams, especially R&D.

Back with Delphine Vialleton, R&D Project Manager at Satab and Innovation and Textile Integration Manager at Eweave , on the place of this innovation within the company.

Let’s go ! 😉

a) Hello Delphine, could you introduce your role within the Eweave team?

Delphine Vialleton : Within the Eweave team, I am responsible for coordinating the project between different textile sectors. This involves researching and sourcing technical and/or conductive yarns and developing ribbons through weaving, braiding, or knitting, finishing (dyeing, applying special finishes, printing with and without relief, cutting). Finally, I coordinate the final treatment of the textile to turn it into a connected linear sensor or to adopt embedded or “lighting” functions.

b) So, you are one of the “experts” on this project. But if you had to introduce Eweave to a novice, how would you do it?

D.V : In its first functions, Eweave is a technological support (in the form of narrow textile: ribbon) flexible and of great length for industrialists looking to obtain information on the state of their works such as a roof, a bridge, a stretched tarpaulin, …

Eweave also integrates embedded solutions giving the ribbon the function of ON/OFF switch, electrical conductor, or data transfer device.

But Eweave is also “Lighting” functions allowing lighting, ambient light, signage,… in outdoor and indoor environments.

Overall, the uses and sectors of use of Eweave solutions are limitless. Thanks to Eweave, our narrow textiles are functionalized. They can be remotely controlled, on a smartphone, or via a dedicated application, by the customer.

Finally, the Eweave brand allows adding agility in project management, development, and production of new functions. We thus offer our clients a very agile level of service.

c) So we have reached the 2 years since the launch of Eweave , what are the major advances of the project?

D.V : The major advances of the project are the improvement of connections between the textile and the electronics of the products to maintain the flexibility of the textile and also the improvement of the precision of the localization of our sensors.

In 2 years, we have acquired more experience and maturity.

d) This project, totally innovative within the Satab company, includes an IoT part that does not represent your core business (note: narrow textile). How do you approach it?

D.V : This is an evolution that I have undertaken for several years. In addition to acquiring a vocabulary specific to electronics, sharing my own knowledge and textile vocabulary has been indispensable to the success of the project.

Curiosity, communication, and sharing of experience are the keywords of the project with all stakeholders, both internally and externally.

e) Finally, how do you see the future of Eweave ?

D.V : I see a very promising future for Eweave , especially after our alliance with AQ-Tech, a multidisciplinary engineering agency. Thanks to its teams of expert engineers, Eweave is extending its offer to provide, in addition to its solutions, comprehensive support from idea to market, thus guaranteeing a tailor-made integration of our solutions into our clients’ products. Our developments open up completely disruptive perspectives on markets as diverse as varied, from industry to interior architecture and design.

See you soon for more interviews with our Eweave team ! 😉